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[RMT] Behold My Genericness!

Hello everyone! With X/Y just around the corner, I decided that now is as good a time as any to share my second most successful team (the most successful one having been stolen by Wai Yin) and get some honest feedback before I leave Gen V behind.

The team in question:

This team originally started as an experiment to see how good Choice Scarf Chandelure was in VGC '13, after having been thrashed by so many of them in international WiFi tournaments. However, it was good enough that I decided to use it as my main VGC '13 team. I don't have much more to say about it so let's move on, shall we...

Chandelure @ Choice Scarf
Modest Nature
Ability: Flash Fire
4 HP/252 Sp. Atk/252 Speed
-Heat Wave
-Shadow Ball
-Energy Ball

The centerpiece of my team, Choice Scarf Chandelure outpaces most of the metagame and can OHKO most fast, frail attackers, such as Latios, Tornadus and Thundurus-T, this lets me net many surprise KOs on unsuspecting opponents, especially as my team can easily be mistaken for a Trick Room-centered team with Chandelure and Cresselia as Trick Room set-up. 252 Speed with a Modest Nature allows Chandelure to outspeed everything below positive-natured 130 base Speed Pokemon while giving it plenty of power, which is necessary as Chandelure has no boosting item. No one uses +Speed 130 base Speed Pokemon anyway. Overheat provides the necessary power to OHKO threats like Tornadus, Thundurus-T, Landorus-T, Volcarona, Metagross and the ever-annoying Amoonguss (without Occa). It also acts as a good nuke to throw around when I need a lot of damage quickly. Having two Fire moves may seem redundant, but Heat Wave serves a different role from Overheat, allowing Chandelure to deal consistent spread damage when Overheat's Sp. Atk drops would be unfavourable, and acting as a good late-game cleaning tool, provided Chandelure is still alive. The last moveslot was a toss-up between Trick, Hidden Power Ice and Energy Ball, but I went with Energy Ball because Trick is situational and I don't need another Ice attack. Also because the team has no other way to hit Gastrodon and Rotom-W for super effective damage and they are annoying.

Tyranitar @ Focus Sash
Adamant Nature
Ability: Sand Stream
252 HP/252 Atk/4 Speed
-Rock Slide

Next, I wanted something which had good defensive synergy with Chandelure, allowing me to switch Chandelure in easily if I didn't lead with it. I originally chose Scrafty, however it proved to be lacking in power and, believe it or not, too frail specially. Thus, I replaced it with Tyranitar, something I had not used until I made this team. Despite sharing two weaknesses, Chandelure complements Tyranitar nicely, easily coming in on the Fighting, Steel, Bug and Grass attacks that threaten it. In return, Tyranitar can take Dark and Ghost attacks for Chandelure, although this will break its Sash. The EVs and moveset are your standard bulky offensive Ttar. I chose Superpower over Low Kick simply because Low Kick fails badly against Excadrill, while Superpower OHKOs. Superpower also does better against Hydreigon. I chose Focus Sash as Ttar's item instead of Chople Berry because Focus Sash lets Ttar survive everything, whereas Chople Berry only works on Fighting attacks and even then, especially strong ones like Hitmontop's Fighting Gem boosted Close Combat OHKO Ttar through Chople. Admittedly Sash only works when Ttar is at full health, but its a reasonable compromise and I usually lead with him anyway.

Cresselia @ Sitrus Berry
Calm Nature
Ability: Levitate
252 HP/28 Sp. Atk/228 Sp. Def
-Icy Wind
-Trick Room
-Helping Hand

Where Tyranitar goes, Cresselia follows to create the sickeningly good Ttar + Cress combo. That, and the fact that Cresselia is an endless barrel of support moves gave it a place on my team. Psychic over Psyshock because I hate Breloom and Psyshock can't OHKO it, whereas Psychic OHKOs over 80% of the time even with minimal Sp. Atk investment. Icy Wind is for Speed control, which my team loves as most of them are rather slow, and err... 4HKOing Salamence? Trick Room is mainly to counter opposing Trick Room teams, but my team can also make good use of it in situations where Icy Wind won't work, such as whenever something spams Thunder Wave. Helping Hand is mainly filler, but is also an excellent support move in its own right, providing that little boost necessary to turn 2HKOs into OHKOs. 28 Sp. Atk lets Cress 2HKO 252 HP/0 Sp. Def Hitmontop unconditionally, while the rest of the EVs maximize Cress's Special bulk, as Cress is more suited to taking Special attacks.

Salamence @ Dragon Gem
Timid Nature
Ability: Intimidate
4 HP/4 Def/248 Sp. Atk/252 Speed
-Draco Meteor
-Hidden Power Flying
-Fire Blast

I wanted a Dragon next, because of their many resistances and offensive potential. Also Dragons are cool. Salamence seemed to fit my team best, providing another Ground immunity to offset the fact that I have two Ground weak Pokemon. Intimidate is also very helpful as my team is weaker on the Physical side. And yes, you read that right. I am using a Timid Salamence. Timid is actually quite useful because things around the 100 base Speed mark rarely run +Speed natures anymore, letting me outspeed and OHKO things like Garchomp and Thundurus-T. It also prevents guessing games with Hydreigon, as I know I am guaranteed to outspeed all Hydreigons unless they're Scarfed. Dragon Gem Draco Meteor still hurts, despite coming off a lowly base 110 Sp. Atk, OHKOing anything with less bulk than 252 HP/0 Sp. Def Gastrodon. Hidden Power Flying lets Mence deal with most Fighting Types without having to waste the Dragon Gem. I chose Fire Blast as my Fire move for one reason only - it OHKOs Excadrill, which is a big threat to my team.

Gastrodon @ Rindo Berry
Calm Nature
Ability: Storm Drain
252 HP/4 Def/252 Sp. Def
-Earth Power
-Ice Beam

Something now had to be done about my glaring weakness to Water, with two Pokemon weak to Water and only one questionable resist (most Water types have Ice Beam anyway). So why not use something that actually benefited from having Water attacks thrown at it? Hence, Gastrodon. Gastrodon is also this team's rain counter, since I can't run Sunny Day alongside Tyranitar. I decided to forego a Water attack on Gastrodon in favour of the superior super effective coverage that Ice and Ground attacks have together, which is kind of necessary given that my Gastrodon has so little Sp. Atk. The EV spread is an outdated one from back when everyone was using specially defensive Gastrodon, and I'm too lazy to go and find a more optimal spread. Still, this spread allows Gastrodon to only be 3HKOed by Rotom-W's HP Grass and Thundurus-T's Grass Knot with Rindo, and although I can't do much back to Rotom-W except stall it with Recover and Protect, I can easily 2HKO Thundurus-T with Ice Beam.

Scizor @ Steel Gem
Adamant Nature
Ability: Technician
204 HP/252 Atk/52 Speed
-Bug Bite
-Bullet Punch
-Swords Dance

Finally, the obligatory Steel. Steel/Bug was the best fit for my team, anything else would increase my weakness to Ground (unless Skarmory lol). Although using Escavalier was tempting, I wanted something which was less reliant on Trick Room. Having a priority attack is also a nice bonus. The moveset is the standard Swords Dance Scizor set, which I hate so much I went and used it. Scizor is incredibly strong after just one Swords Dance, with +2 Steel Gem Bullet Punch capable of KOing a 4 HP/0 Def Volcarona from around 80% health, and Scizor's typing gives it many opportunities to set up in front of common Pokemon who can't touch it, such as Cresselia and Metagross. The EV spread allows Scizor to outspeed 4 Speed neutral-natured base 70s, most notably Politoed and Metagross, while giving it maximum Attack, and the remainder thrown in HP.


My favourite lead.... for some reason. Although it may not look like it, Chandelure has good offensive synergy with Tyranitar as well, since it threatens the Steels that Tyranitar hates, like Scizor and Metagross, as well as some Fighting types to an extent. In exchange, Tyranitar can handle Hydreigon, Heatran, Zapdos, bulky Thundurus and even opposing Tyranitar (although its risky), who otherwise threaten Chandelure greatly.

My team's most offensive pair, as nothing likes taking two 140 base power moves in succession. Chandelure and Salamence also share good synergy, with Chandelure again threatening Steels which wall Draco Meteor, as well as faster threats that can OHKO Mence such as Latios and Thundurus-T, as well as any Tornadus seeking to abuse Intimidate, while Salamence provides Intimidate support to help Chandelure take hits better and takes care of Hydreigon and Scrafty.

As mentioned before, Tyranitar pairs up sickeningly well with Cresselia, the Ghost and Dark types which threaten Cresselia won't enjoy taking a Crunch or a Superpower, respectively. Meanwhile, Cresselia supports Tyranitar with either Icy Wind or Trick Room while taking out Fighting types with Psychic. Helping Hand also lets Tyranitar KO that annoying Scrafty with Superpower or something. This pair is also my most likely lead against weather teams as it removes their weather on the first turn (barring Iron Ball) while giving Cresselia time to Trick Room or use Icy Wind on the weather abusers.

Gastrodon and Scizor have great synergy together, as almost everything that beats Scizor is threatened significantly by Gastrodon. This also allows Scizor to laugh in the face of anything with only Water + Ice coverage. Scizor can then set up Swords Dance on a predicted Protect or something and proceed to rip apart the opposing team with boosted Bullet Punches and Bug Bites.


Excadrill is probably the single most threatening thing to my team, especially if its either Sand Rush or a Mold Breaker variant in Tailwind. It easily KOs Chandelure and Tyranitar while walling Cresselia and Scizor easily. My best counter would be Gastrodon, but Gastrodon has a chance of getting 2HKOed by Earthquake and is always 2HKOed by Drill Run while Earth Power will not OHKO. Mold Breaker variants out of Tailwind can be dealt with by a swift Heat Wave from Chandelure, but otherwise my only hope is to either Intimidate it with Salamence, pray for no Rock Slide flinches and OHKO with Fire Blast, or keep Tyranitar at full health so that it survives whatever Excadrill throws at it with Sash and KO back with Superpower. This all fails if Excadrill is paired with a Follow Me user though (I'm looking at you, Togekiss).

Bisharp is only slightly less threatening than Excadrill. Steel/Dark means it threatens Tyranitar, Chandelure and Cresselia, while Defiant means bringing Salamence is suicide. Scizor can wall it but will not OHKO unless I can get a Swords Dance. Gastrodon is in the same boat, except it doesn't resist Dark. Tyranitar can OHKO with Superpower but won't like Iron Head/Low Kick. Otherwise, I have to rely on outpredicting Sucker Punches to get the kill with either Chandelure or Salamence, provided my opponent doesn't know Chandelure is Choiced.

Specifically, Occa Berry Amoonguss, which can survive Overheat, and thus I will need double targetting or two turns to KO it, or maybe both. Meanwhile, Amoonguss' partner has set up to +4 and swept me.